Forefoot Surgery

What Is Forefoot Surgery?

In forefoot surgery, a podiatric surgeon will make an incision along the top or bottom of the foot to correct a deformity or to remove a lesion. Each forefoot surgery is tailored specifically to the patient’s needs to treat his or her specific condition.

If conservative treatments are unsuccessful and a patient continues to experience pain or discomfort, forefoot surgery is often recommended. Because many forefoot issues are easier to treat the earlier they are detected, patients should undergo routine foot care and consult their podiatrist to lessen their chances of needing forefoot surgery.


Reasons for Forefoot Surgery

Some of the most common reasons for forefoot surgery are (click the links below to learn more about each):





What to Expect Before Forefoot Surgery

Before any foot surgery, the podiatrist will conduct a medical exam and may perform radiographic or lab tests, as well as a thorough review of the patient’s medical history and any underlying medical conditions.

Some of the tests the podiatrist may conduct include a circulation study, X-rays, EKG, urinalysis, blood tests, and biomechanical examination. Depending on the patient’s health, the physician may need to refer the patient to another medical specialist for preoperative screening.


What to Expect After Forefoot Surgery

Since every surgery is specific to the patient, every patient will have a slightly different recovery experience after surgery. Patients are instructed to rest to allow the foot time to heal. Using ice and compression to alleviate swelling is also recommended, as is keeping the foot elevated. In some cases, patients may need to use a cane or crutch to get around. They may also need to wear a walking boot, surgical shoe, splint or bandage to keep the foot protected. Some surgeries may even require a period of non-weight bearing. Needless to say, following the podiatrist’s postoperative instructions will likely result in a more successful recovery.

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